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I am not a fan of Mondays. This is a holiday Monday and I have the blues.

Nothing new in Friday’s mailbox and the weekend has been quiet. I have managed to get more crocheting done and am working on some ATC (Artist Trading Cards). I needed a break as my fingers were getting tired. It is a slow process and I hope to use them as business cards and include them in some of my orders. I’ll probably do a tutorial on IndieSmiles and will keep you updated.

It has finally cooled down here in Ontario, Canada and I can officially declare that Autumn has arrived. The kids go back to school tomorrow and I can get back into my school year routine. My son is not happy about this but he is getting to that age and would rather sleep in. Oh, Well!

It’s a very drab day outside and incredibly quiet in the neighbourhood. Buck the beagle is snoring away behind me and our grandfather clock in the hallway just chimed 11a.m. ten minutes early again. I guess I had better get hubby to fix that today. Ho-hum. Another Monday.

Lots going on today and this weekend around here.

Our grandson, who is the same age as our boy, is coming over for a few days. These two have a lot in common and get along famously. All I have to do is feed them and they are quite happy to look after themselves the rest of the time.

Look what I got in the mail on Thursday! This is from the Freaky Fiber Swap. All the way from England and full of wonderful colours, textures, inspiration. I was so excited when I opened the package.

I have been following the blog – Southern Lady’s Vintage and have thoroughly enjoyed it. They are having a Vintage Loves Saturday feature and the first is about cookbooks. Well, I just had to show off my mom’s favorite cookbook – The Good Housekeeping Cookbook from the 1940’s. It is ragged, torn, stained and well used. There is no cover and I have to keep it in a zip lock bags so any of the loose pages don’t fall out and get lost. No I am just about 60 years old and I remember this book when I was a little girl. I can tell which recipes were my mom’s favorites by the amount of stains or writing on the page. I even found a hand written recipe tucked inside as well. This book conjures up so many wonderful memories for me as I sit here now.

Drop on over and have a look at this site. Maybe you have a favorite vintage cookbook that you can share as well. Everyone is welcome.

I hate humidity!   I can handle the heat but I hate it when it is sticky and muggy out.  That is what it is like today and I hate it.   I want to do so many things but my mood now prevents me from getting any enthusiasm over anything.   I think I will go sit in the corner and pout.

I did receive an envelope in the mail yesterday full of wonderful Start Christmas Swap items.   Lovely paper, ribbon and tags to start my christmas projects with.   Now this cheers me up a little and I love all of the snowmen and bright colors.   Maybe if I stare at all of this long enough I will get a tiny bit of inspiration. 

I think I will go and have a third cup of coffee.  Maybe that will help me get going, or not.

Yes, thank goodness for my online friends.  I met a new friend with the Swap-bot blogger swap the other day.  Beth of The Neat Get Neater has a great blog about her adventures as a, “Self-Proclaimed Neat Freak” in a “family that is not so in love with neatness.”    Drop by and have a read. You can enter her newest giveaway – A Sonicscrubber!

I sure could have used Beth at my house today as I tidied up the rats nest beside my easy chair in the livingroom.  My hubby has been frowning at me lately and I think that is why.  Now, I have no trouble with organizing and I am quite often a very tidy person, however, there are those very creative days where everything gets tossed, dropped, scattered and pushed into a pile while looking for just the right item for my latest craft.    That is how I end up with the rats nest.  Bits and pieces of fabric, yarn, buttons, trim and ribbon scattered here and there just in case I need it.  Now I am all tidy until the next creative moment hits.

Speaking of creative moments, I was able to stop at my favorite fabric store to pick up some supplies for projects.  I walked in on a sale – yipeee, and immediately went insane.  I now have the materials for a birdcage veil I have been planning on making and some trim to finish off a pincushion.  The rats nest will return any day now!

I am still swapping at Swap-bot and yesterday’s mail held a lovely envelope with the Bookmark Swap in it.   I never know what I will receive and this was a lovely way to start my week and they will come in very handy.  It is such fun not to have boring mail now and little surprises show up nearly every day.

Now it is time to go and watch my favorite show – TAPS – The Atlantic Paranormal Society.  Even the beagle knows not to bother me when this show is on.  He has been out for a good walk so there is no excuses from him.  As for the hubby and our son, well, they can go and do whatever they like as long as it isn’t around me.  Nice arrangement!

Yup, Friday is Car Day for me and off I went.  I didn’t have to go very far as the first thrift shop had a 50% off day today.  Lucky Me!

I spent a whopping $2.45Cdn. there and go 2 skeins of yarn, a basket, canning jar rings and an unopened package of notecards.  I can just see your face now, wondering what am I going to do with this stuff.  Never worry, I am using the basket to catch all of my garbage and end pieces of yarn, the notecards are great for swapping, the yarn always gets used and as for the rings, just you wait and see.  I have a pattern to use them up with.

I was only out for a couple of hours and never left the store.  I am happy with my goodies and can now sit and create something neat with them.

Another Thursday – yippee!

I had been thinking all week about putting labels in my crocheted items but was having a great deal of trouble finding something suitable.

I have tried the quick iron-on labels with the name printed on for you but they looked very plain and a little tacky.  I tried embroidery but that was a disaster.  I can’t even write a straight line!  I really had to think and come up with something that was neat, original and all mine.   Finally, last night I came up with the solution.

My other passion is cross stitch. I was able to sit and stitch my website 3 times on 18 count aida in about 1/2 hour.  Next I used double sided iron-on fusible tape and am now ready to add them into my items quickly and easily.

It turned out better than I expected and took less time than anything else I have tried.   I can change the colors whenever the mood hits me and it is much neater as I can cross stitch a straight line with ease.  For me, fool proof.

Sometimes just going back to the basics is all you need.  I have all of the supplies at hand and can whip them up in no time.

Cheap, neat and does the job is perfect for me!

Wednesdays are always weird days for me.  It’s the middle of the week and I am neither happy nor sad, just kind of inbetween.   Hooo Hummm!

I did get another swap package in the mail yesterday.  This one came from Maryland and it is the Jump Start Christmas swap.  Fun pieces of fabric all Christmas theme.  I know exactly what I will use them for too.  These are perfect for my little yo-yo angels.  What fun I am going to have.

Maybe there will be another package to cheer me up and get me inspired in todays mail.  Here’s hoping.


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