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I hate humidity!   I can handle the heat but I hate it when it is sticky and muggy out.  That is what it is like today and I hate it.   I want to do so many things but my mood now prevents me from getting any enthusiasm over anything.   I think I will go sit in the corner and pout.

I did receive an envelope in the mail yesterday full of wonderful Start Christmas Swap items.   Lovely paper, ribbon and tags to start my christmas projects with.   Now this cheers me up a little and I love all of the snowmen and bright colors.   Maybe if I stare at all of this long enough I will get a tiny bit of inspiration. 

I think I will go and have a third cup of coffee.  Maybe that will help me get going, or not.

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!  This is from my Pink Swap partner in Wisconsin.

I giggled and laughed when I opened this package.  I have never seen pink sparklers before and the No Boys tape is a hoot.  I will probably get into the Pixy Stix today and play with all of my new ribbons.  I hope I get another package in todays mail.

Mondays are back to the old routine days around here and it doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

I have joined up with Swap-Bot and have had fun so far.  I have received some wonderful teas and notes in the first swap and really great information about herbs in the Folklore swap.  I’ll put some of them in later this week.

This is a good way to get rid of some of the things that you can’t use and get other items that you can.  I keep a stash box handy and keep it filled with fabric, ribbon, stickers, trims, etc. and use them just for swapping.  I hope I get a package in the mail today.

I have met some really nice ladies so far from all over the world and right around the corner.  I have started a list of Swap-Bot friends with blogs as well  so you can go and see what they are up to.

Time to go and do the laundry now and finish up some projects that need to get out this week.  Have a great day!

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White Lace Teacup/Small Dog Dress – Steppin Out by JillysStuff on Zibbet

via White Lace Teacup/Small Dog Dress – Steppin Out by JillysStuff on Zibbet.

White Lace Teacup/Small Dog Dress – Peachy Keen by JillysStuff on Zibbet

via White Lace Teacup/Small Dog Dress – Peachy Keen by JillysStuff on Zibbet.

I can’t seem to settle down to any of my projects or make any decisions about the ones I have completed.

These are little “lacy summer sundresses” for dogs.  As you can see, Buck my beagle isn’t really too impressed to be my model.  None of my doggie models were available so he had to do. 

My cards aren’t quite turning out as I would hoped either.  This one is in progress but, as usual, I am being too critical again.  

Added 2 new headbands to my Zibbet shop but I am not 100% happy with one of them.    I am going out this morning to shop so maybe I will become inspired then.


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