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I have been busy this past weekend and I need today to rest up. 

Saturday turned out to be my computer tech’s (hubby) day on my computer to fix some things on it.  I decided to spend the day catching up on all of my crocheting and crafting.  It seems I got about 5 projects started but none are completed.  Between running upstairs to answer questions – “How long has this icon been here?”, “Um, I don’t know!”  or  “When did this start?” , “Um, a long time ago.”  As you can tell, I was not the a popular person that day.

On Sunday the Blog Swap at Swap-bots started.  I spent most of the day reading and commenting on about 25 blogs.  I learned so many new things and have several links to investigate.   I’ve read and am following blogs from all over the world.  I love to read about all of the different things from different cultures and people.  Every one is unique.

 I did manage to complete one of Saturday’s projects as well.  If you need a large trivet or hot pad, then here it is.    It was crocheted with a navy tweed yarn and edged with a light celery green yarn.  I used those canning jar rings for this pattern.  It measures about 9.5″ round and is machine washable.

I also finished 3 bookmarks to send in another swap and complete a custom order for shipping. 

I’ve done my trip to the post office already this morning and am now going to sit and contemplate life as I play one of my computer games.   Gosh, I may even have a little nap in my chair.  The beagle and I will snore together.  Such a life!

Mondays are back to the old routine days around here and it doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

I have joined up with Swap-Bot and have had fun so far.  I have received some wonderful teas and notes in the first swap and really great information about herbs in the Folklore swap.  I’ll put some of them in later this week.

This is a good way to get rid of some of the things that you can’t use and get other items that you can.  I keep a stash box handy and keep it filled with fabric, ribbon, stickers, trims, etc. and use them just for swapping.  I hope I get a package in the mail today.

I have met some really nice ladies so far from all over the world and right around the corner.  I have started a list of Swap-Bot friends with blogs as well  so you can go and see what they are up to.

Time to go and do the laundry now and finish up some projects that need to get out this week.  Have a great day!


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