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Rose Colored Glasses:

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Jillys Stuff

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I have sadly neglected my blogs this week as I have been very busy.

I have sorted, packaged, and am ready to list Fabric Craft Bags.  All sorts of fabric pieces, ribbon, embellishments, etc.  all stuffed into bags.  A little bit of everything for crafters.

I have also been busy creating more bracelets.  I have run out of toggles so it is off to Michaels for more.  I have created a new design as well so keep watching for that one.

I have also entered the “Big Z Sample Box” which will be on sale NOVEMBER 15th.   It’s a smorgasbord of talent all wrapped up in a very cool box!  Keep watching for more information.  You are not going to want to miss out on this!

It’s time for me to get rolling and get my shopping done.  It’s going to be a busy weekend with photographing, listing, crocheting and gosh knows what else.


That’s Right!

This is post #50 and now it is time for my very first giveaway!

Jillys Stuff has now been around for 50 posts.  I have been babbling and rambling all this time and I now think it is time that my followers deserve something for reading them and not falling asleep!

Just go to the GREAT GIVEAWAY page above and follow all of the instructions.  It’s not that hard and will be lots of fun and anyone can enter.

The Giveaway closes Friday, October 15, 2010 at 11:59 p.m.


Red Rose And Key: romantic cluster necklace

Night-angel earrings: silver angel wings

Ladybirds In Autumn: leaf earrings with ladybugs

Red Berries: bronze filigree & scarlet earrings

About the Artisan in her own words:

Silverlight Jewelry – People have asked me what ‘soft gothic’ means.    I use the phrase to describe the kind of jewellery I make.   ‘Gothic’ means, among other things, ‘of or pertaining to a literary style characterised by gloom, the grotesque, and the supernatural’. I’ve also heard it defined as ‘characterised by a preoccupation with death’.Victorian Silver Key: black & silver bracelet

Azure Jewel necklace: bright blue vintage cabochon

Heraldic Shield earrings: enamelled lions & crowns

Gothic Shield necklace: black and silver pendant

I’m going for a softer, less gloomy but still introspective and thoughtful feel. Gothicism without the harshness, grotesqueness, or the preoccupation with death. A somewhat bohemian aesthetic, influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites and the New Romantics, the neo-goths and the romantigoths.   A bohemian gothic. A romantic gothic. A soft, classy, elegant gothic.
Designs run from simple, relatively conservative pieces with just a hint of gothic charisma, so that they are suitable for wearing to work, to bold, unabashedly bohemian showstoppers that are only suitable for rock stars and those blessed people who are so secure in themselves that they can handle the gaping stares.   Designed for dreamers with day jobs who moonlight as rockstars.

Golden Honey earrings: cloisonne with gold bees

Green Forest: elfin green & copper earrings

Cloud earrings: tranquil peace jade with bronze

Copper Hearts earrings: green glass and old copper

Whiteleaf jewelry – In my jewellery-making, this translates to a love of semiprecious stones that look like what they are: lumps of beautiful rock, pulled out of the earth. I tend to use undyed, unfaceted stones, rather than stones that have been highly refined and cut (though those are beautiful too).
As a vegetarian with vegan sympathies, I don’t like to use real pearls, so I go out of my way to find irregularly shaped faux pearls that will imitate the stunning, organic beauty of freshwater pearls.
I also try to use imitation leather, rather than genuine leather, in consideration of those who would rather not wear animal skin. Where I do use real leather, it is from upholstery off-cuts or colour samples which would be thrown away if I did not turn them into something beautiful.   Whiteleaf Jewellery: earthy, eclectic adornments for nature lovers.

We are Artisans helping Artisans!  Buy Homemade!

Halloween Pet Collar Slipcover – Size Small

Hubcap Clock

Owl Towel w/Crochet Top

Pumpkin Bag

All About the Artisan in her own words:

I think I was born to craft.   My favorite mediums to work with are fabric and yarn.    Working with these 2 mediums, there is no limit to fantastic things that can be created.

Chicago Blackhawks Towel w/Crochet Top

Ironing Board Cover – Stitch and Sew

Crochet Mary Jane Slippers – Blue Wave

Halloween Bib

The items I create have been used by myself and my family for many years. They have either simplified life or brought smiles to many faces.    Family and friends enjoy the items  I create so they are the reason I am here today.

Denim with Blue Trim Bag

Neck Cooler – choose a favorite 1

Fabric Gift Bag – Happy Birthday on black

Ford Trucks Plastic Bag Storage

We are Artisans helping Artisans!  Buy Homemade!

Madonna and Child Vintage Look Petite Wall Art

Recycled Wall Art Three Little Kittens

Twig Wreath with Violet Berries and Angel

Vintage Look Wood Wall Art Psalm 23

All About the Artisan in her own words:

I have always had the gift to create. I see new life in all things. I use a lot of found items and recreate them into something beautiful and new. I enjoy taking trash and making it into a new treasure.

My Christian faith and love of God are also a large part of inspiration for my creations. The events of 911 had a dramatic affect on me and have totally redirected my heart and life. God has worked in a big way in my life. When we open the door to our heart, God is just waiting to pour his Grace in!

England Vintage Look Wall Art

Wall sign with Original Inspiration about Love

Mother Verse Plaque with Madonna and Child

Vintage Inspirations Sign God Does not Expect

My God-given gift of creativity, is for me, a way to share my heart with others through inspirations and scriptures which have touched me personally. God speaks through the ordinary more often than we take the time to see.  It is my goal to use my creative gift to touch your heart.

My work is inspired by Faith and the desire of making all things new!   I use upcycled, repurposed and new materials to create my inspirational signs, decor and door panel art.  Distressing and crackling the wood, gives my work a vintage-time worn look. Prints and inspirations are decoupaged and sealed with a clear coat onto the distressed wood and panels.Mom and Me Vintage Look Petite Wood Sign

Vintage Look Victorian Angel Wood Wall Art

Inspirational Quote on Vintage Look Sign

Victorian Angel Recycled Door Panel Art

We are Artisans helping Artisans!  Buy Homemade!

Vintage McClintock Gunne Sax Dress Velvet Holiday

Vintage 80s Cabbage Rose Dress by Loralie

Vintage Gunne Sax Dress Prairie School Marm Style

Vintage Gunne Sax Dress and Lace Jacket

All About the Artisan in her own words:

For Years I have been a Collector of Items of Great Beauty, an Offshoot from My Mother’s Teachings.   I Have All of My Life Been Drawn to those Things of the Past…a Kinder, Gentler Time.   As a Child, Mother Taught Me Quality and An Eye for the Unique that I Could Claim as Mine.   I am Forever Indebted to Her for Those Lessons Imparted.

I am also an Avid Gunne Sax Dress collector.  I have well over 150 Gunne Sax Dresses along with even more similar ones in small to the Rare large!

Vintage Gunne Sax Dress Wedding Satin & Lace

Gunne Sax Dress Vintage Wedding by McClintock

Vintage Bridal Veil from Davids with Headpiece

Gunne sax Wedding Dress Vintage Jessica Label

Today I bring you the Best that I have from Vintage Gowns and Jewelry to Accessories that will Glow in the Moonlight and bring out the Goddess that Lies within us all.   I welcome you with a Happy Heart in Hopes that You might find the stuff that your dreams are made of.   Don’t We all Deserve This?

Vintage Rhinestone Earrings ‘Leaves Falling

Vintage Kramer Demi Parure Trembler Set

Vintage Weiss AB Rhinestone Brooch

Magnificent Vintage deep Red Brooch and Earrings

I Wish to Pass on to the Future Generations Not Only the Quality But the Character and Sentiment of the Vintage Bridal Gown.   May You Find a Piece of Your Dreams in These Pages.   My Mother will be Watching Fondly.

We are Artisans helping Artisans!  Buy Homemade!

Hi Everyone:

Remember my post about Bamboo, our little foster dog?  Well he was officially adopted yesterday and is now in his new “forever” home.  I am so relieved he is now settled for good.  He was such a good and sweet dog.

Also something else newsworthy.  I had submitted my post, My Home for Foster Dogs, and it was published in the carnival blog “Lynn’s Views”.  Go on over and have a look at all of the other great pet stories there –

It’s shopping day today so I’ll let you know tomorrow if I found any great deals.

Not content with just one shop, this artisan has 4!

All About the Artisan in her own words:

My graphic design experience started in high school with a major in art.   I won first place in an ad layout contest.   I started working in a print shop after school back in high school.   And continued most of my life working in the printing and publishing fields.

Pink Flowers Refrigerator Magnets

Lighthouse Button – OOAK

Witch Button

Crazy Peace Button

Proofreader by profession with 35 years experience proofreading for major publishers.  I have proofread magazines and books for major magazines and book publishing houses.

My shop Wild Goose Chase has vintage items, cards, Valentines, supplies, patterns, art books, feathers, ACEOs, and other curiosities.

Antique Gumball Machine

Vintage Hankie

Vintage Donkey Salt & Pepper Shakers

Vintage Dollhouse Furniture – Bedroom

We are Artisans helping Artisans!  Buy Homemade!



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