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I have sadly neglected my blogs this week as I have been very busy.

I have sorted, packaged, and am ready to list Fabric Craft Bags.  All sorts of fabric pieces, ribbon, embellishments, etc.  all stuffed into bags.  A little bit of everything for crafters.

I have also been busy creating more bracelets.  I have run out of toggles so it is off to Michaels for more.  I have created a new design as well so keep watching for that one.

I have also entered the “Big Z Sample Box” which will be on sale NOVEMBER 15th.   It’s a smorgasbord of talent all wrapped up in a very cool box!  Keep watching for more information.  You are not going to want to miss out on this!

It’s time for me to get rolling and get my shopping done.  It’s going to be a busy weekend with photographing, listing, crocheting and gosh knows what else.


Here we go again with another Monday.  SSSSiiiiiggggghhhh.

Nothing boring about my weekend though.  Hubby worked, the boy was away and Buck and I had 2 days of walking, crafting, crocheting, sleeping and listing.

For any of you sewers, quilters, fabric artists out there, I have just gone through all of my fabric and finally got them up in both my shops.  I have individual pieces, fat quarters and grab bags all ready for you.  I have also devised a “make your own bundle”  system.

You can ship up to 180 grams of fabric for shipping of $2.50 within Canada and $4.00 to the United States.  Yes, I will ship international but haven’t figured out the pricing yet.  Here is what I have –

There are some designer fabrics mixed in as well.  Lots of fun and variety.

Stop by and have a look!

Yes, this is it.  All of my scrap yarn jumbled together in one humungous pile.  There are partial balls, uncompleted projects and handfuls all thrown in together.  What a mess!  I finally have had enough and decided end this disorganization once and for all.

With all of the patience I could muster, I slowly tackled this mess and rewound balls, pulled apart unfinished pieces and all of the other pieces .  Each color was then wound neatly and set aside carefully.  I was so happy that I had gotten that far until the one question popped into my head – “How are you going to store it?”  Well the good old zip lock bag trick was useless and putting them into an old cookie tin would only end in the same mess.  Then it hit me!  I had the answer all along in my fridge!

Yes, in my fridge.  And here it is –

You can’t see it very well but each cup holds a ball of yarn.   They will now stay separated and neat.  I am so proud of myself.  It has only taken me forever to come up with this idea.

Yes, I am a little slow but at least I come up with something in the end.  Sometimes frustration does have it’s benefits.

I am not a fan of Mondays. This is a holiday Monday and I have the blues.

Nothing new in Friday’s mailbox and the weekend has been quiet. I have managed to get more crocheting done and am working on some ATC (Artist Trading Cards). I needed a break as my fingers were getting tired. It is a slow process and I hope to use them as business cards and include them in some of my orders. I’ll probably do a tutorial on IndieSmiles and will keep you updated.

It has finally cooled down here in Ontario, Canada and I can officially declare that Autumn has arrived. The kids go back to school tomorrow and I can get back into my school year routine. My son is not happy about this but he is getting to that age and would rather sleep in. Oh, Well!

It’s a very drab day outside and incredibly quiet in the neighbourhood. Buck the beagle is snoring away behind me and our grandfather clock in the hallway just chimed 11a.m. ten minutes early again. I guess I had better get hubby to fix that today. Ho-hum. Another Monday.

It’s still a little warm up here with the forecast of cooler weather on the way soon.

Yesterday’s mail held a real gem of a package from another Swap-bot
partner. I emptied out the package and was overwhelmed with an array of colors and patterns. What a treat! I’ve never received such a large package of wonderful treasures. Boy, was my brain reeling with ideas and inspiration!
Just a reminder to everyone that the Indie Smiles Charity Birthday Bash is still on. Don’t forget to drop on by and vote for your favorite pet or handmade item. Lots of great prizes and lots of fun for everyone.


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