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Anyone who sells on Zibbet or Etsy knows Jennifer O’Hara, – aka Daintie Designs, aka Mrs Supply.   If you don’t then you will want to.

There are so many wonderful sellers on these two venues but Jennifer is unique.  She is blind.   She  makes  gorgeous greeting cards on Daintie Designs and sells all kinds of wonderful ribbon on Mrs Supply.   But the story behind both of these businesses is even more remarkable.

I have just finished reading her blog – and her story is one that will touch your heart.  I have the great fortune of being one of Jennifer’s customers and I already adore her.   She loves her life, her family and hubby Brendan.  Each day is a struggle but she pushes on with spirit and optimism.  Once again, I am inspired to love cherish and love all that I see. 

Please go and read Jennifer’s blog and learn all about her disease, Intercranial Hypertension, that has robbed her of her sight, but not her undaunting spirit.

You can find Jennifer at:

My greatest wish for Jennifer is to never give up.  Some days are darker than others, but somewhere in that darkness, there is a shred of light – the light of hope, love and inspiration. May that light always be there for you Jennifer as its rays spread to everyone you touch.


As we all bask in the delightful summer weather, the last thing on our minds is Christmas.  Well, not all of us.

Come on over to my shop on Zibbet and get some great deals.  Nearly everyone on Zibbet has joined in.

Lots of great bargains on all kinds of handmade products.  Everyone loves a sale and we have the best!!

Matryoshka Babushka Doll – Sophia

I am Jill of Jillys Stuff and I love handmade. 

 I love to make wonderful items for people who can’t crochet, cross stitch, or craft but love these arts.  It is a very satisfying feeling to see someone smile when you present them with something handmade.

 It is so much more personal and each item purchased has the same love and attention. 

With all of the incredible artisans on Zibbet, we can provide top quality and affordable gifts for every occasion, event, or just for everyday. 

 Zibbet members are committed to making and selling only the very best.  Have a look and be surprized and delighted at the array of products handcrafted with you in mind. 

You can find me at www.zibbet.comJillysStuff


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