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I know this is a very dumb question but please forgive me as I am a Canadian.

I live in an area that is not bothered by floods, tornadoes, hurricanes or other similar weather.     But I do remember vividly watching all about the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  I also remember all of the animals who were forced to survive as best they could alone.  Many did survive and many did not.

As I read the information on the website of the ASPCA –  I learned just how horrible it was.   My own dog, Buck the beagle, is a rescue from a shelter in Ontario, but his story is nowhere near as heart wrenching as the animals after Katrina.   They also have a slide show of some of the rescues and it went straight to my heart.  If you look at each face, you will see looks of fear, relief, gratefulness, sadness, anticipation, confusion or loneliness.   This was the biggest animal rescue in history.  So many animal lovers helped save many of those animals with their search efforts, adoptions, temporary care, and donations.    But it doesn’t stop there.

The ASPCA is still out there helping animals with legislation, education, and caring.  As the IndieSmiles Charity Birthday Bash continues all month, please take the time to visit them and donate.  There are still so many cats, dogs, horses, birds and numerous other pets out there needing help.   There is never a need to great, never a donation too small and never an animal not worth the time.  Just look at your own pet(s) and you will understand.

Good Morning All.

It’s Sunday and all is quiet in the neighbourhood. There is quite a bit to catch up on so here I go.
The big Charity Birthday Bash is still on and there is a SPECIAL SURPRISE GIFT!    Here is the link – so you can go and see what this is all about.   There is a new surprise gift each week so hurry to get in on all of the fun.   Remember there is no donation needed to vote, but this is such a great site that it is a great idea to join and be kept up on all of the latest happenings.

As a columnist for them I have learned to write again.   Whether I get onto my “high horse”, find something new to share or just want to ramble on I can get onto Indiesmiles and let the world know.   I love to pop into many of the shops that are advertised there.   I always find fun and unique things to buy.    IndieSmiles supports all venues.   Zibbet, Artfire, Etsy and many others all share equally here.   There are always great tutorials and DIY projects to keep you busy.   I love these as they are all tested by the authors and you know it will work.   Lots of fun and informative articles to read and there is always a contest to enter.

Here I go babbling again!   Have I bored you to tears yet? There is really so much to do and see at IndieSmiles and I just want to share it with everyone.

And that is what IndieSmiles is all about – Sharing.   It makes no difference if you craft for fun, for charity or for your shop.   We share what we have most and that is experience, knowledge and fun.
And that is why everyone at Indie Smiles.

Hi everyone!

It’s IndieSmiles 1st birthday and we’re having a charity birthday bash to support ASPCA.
100% of the funds donated will go to ASPCA minus the PayPal fees. There are prizes for cutest pet and best handcraft items. Several of our artisans have donated prizes.
Check out this link: and join the celebration!

My latest ramblings has been published on Indie Smiles today.

Have a look!

I am so excited!  My very first tutorial has been published on IndieSmiles.

This is my first attempt at making homemade dyes from berries.  What a fun experience.  With the guidance and encouragement from Barbra of All About The Buttons , I ventured into the world of writing. 

I love this site and am constantly browsing through the many shops from all kinds of venues.   I love handmade, both making and purchasing.   I get the greatest satisfaction from giving one of my handmade items to family and friends.  Everyone knows how much effort I have put into my creations and that many are geared especially for them.

Drop by IndieSmiles and All About The Buttons today!  If you love handmade then you will be glad you did!


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