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I Have Been Stumbling Lately!

Posted on: August 1, 2010

No, not stumbling along as I walk but on the site Stumble Upon.  I have had such fun and found many new and interesting things.

At Stumble Upon, you tick off of the list all of the subjects you are interested in and then go and stumble.  You end up with a random hodgepodge of articles, blogs, pictures, photographs and heaven knows what else.   It is quite an experience that everyone should try at least once.

To date, I have learned how to make a terrarium in an old lightbulb, what dogs really think, how to do all kinds of crafts, where the best places are to shop, eat and drink, the best ways to save and invest money and so much more.  I’ve seen some amazing animal and nature photographs from amateur photographers right along with professionals like  National Geographic.   I even saved one as my screen saver.  Aaahhh, so relaxing.

This has to be about the best thing I have found on the internet.  Every time you click the stumble button a new surprize shows up.  You will never know exactly what it will be but it will be within the categories you are interested in.  So, start stumbling today!  Be prepared to be amazed, amused, awed, and intrigued.  Stumbling can be fun!


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